Friday, June 24, 2005

Richard Upton's First Blog Entry

Richard Upton who?

The Richard Upton who lives in San Jose, CA and usually goes by the nickname Rick.

Rick, why a blog?

Well, what got me started was that I had to create one to post a comment on another person's blog. I haven't been hankering to create a blog. I figured that, being an information systems professional, I should give it a try just to know what it's all about from a content provider's perspective. I don't plan to do a whole lot with this blog. Basically, I plan for this blog to contain some comments about and links to the content on my main web. This blog should yield three benefits:

  1. Provide a means for me to share some additional information that either

    • doesn't neatly fit into my structured personal web site, or

    • isn't compelling enough to make me want to take the effort to add the information to my personal site.

  2. Make my personal web site pages easier to find using search engines due to new inbound links.

  3. Make me easier to find when people search for me on search engines using "Richard Upton" (with quotes) or Richard Upton (without quotes).
Please take a look at my web site. If you find that you find yourself craving more related information beyond what is offered on my site, please come back to my blog and skim the blog entries to see if there is any additional information here which might interest you.

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