Friday, July 22, 2005

Idea for Blogger Writer's Block

I was thinking, what subjects could I cover in the future for blog posts?

I've been active on a number of Yahoo! Groups for years, so then it dawned on me: reuse the content I've already created. So here's my plan for finding material for posts when I don't have any new ideas or don't have time to write any new idea:

  1. Go to one of my Yahoo! Groups' web site.
  2. Click "Messages" to view all messages.
  3. Type my Yahoo! ID into the "Search" field, then click "Go".
  4. Skim through all of the messages I've ever posted to the group.
  5. Find a message with some interesting content.
  6. Copy and paste the content into a blog post draft.
  7. Proofread and update content.
  8. Post it!
  9. Repeat process.

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